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Introducing Project Management (PM) from 1996 to Korea
Ranked 9th global company in the world

Happiness Management

HanmiGlobal aligns the vision of individuals and organization
to increase work engagement and thereby yield outstanding performance.

PCS Model

(People, Customer, Shareholder)

The PCS model creates a virtuous cycle in which employees’ happiness leads individual productivity and contributes as a driving force of company success

The satisfaction and happiness of employees, who are the company's internal customers, results in work engagement and improved quality of work

Increased profits means business growth and maximized shareholder value accompanied by improved brand value and company reputation

Customers are satisfied with the service provided by the employees, and customer's success results in re-orders and also leads to recommendation to other customers

Happiness Management System

‘Provide a happy work environment that boosts employee happiness and productivity’


Self-development Passion and patience Meaning of work


Positive communication Caring and respect Pleasant atmosphere


Sharing and social contribution Self-esteem Gratitude and appraisal

Happiness Management Roadmap

HanmiGlobal aims to settle and enhance happiness management to be more widespread, and succeed in branding Happiness Management as an organizational culture of HanmiGlobal by 2020.

Schedule / Contents
Main Tasks

Phase 1

Leaping stage

1996 ~ 2017
Established Happiness Management
  • Established a good company to work through GWP activities
  • Introduced Happiness Management (2013)
  • Built mid and long-term roadmap
  • Built Happiness Management platform
  • Activated gratitude sharing

Phase 2

Mature stage

2018 ~ 2019
Settle Happiness Management
  • Built happy leaders, members, and organizations
  • Settled gratitude sharing
  • Activities to settle Happiness Management
  • Happiness sharing activities for clients

Phase 3

Enhanced Happiness Management
  • Build autonomous Happiness Management : Strengthening commitment through balanced activities of Happiness Management between organization and individuals
  • Realized sustainable Happiness Management structure
  • HG Happiness Management Branding
  • Spread HG Happiness Management to other companies and organizations
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