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Introducing Project Management (PM) from 1996 to Korea
Ranked 9th global company in the world

Greetings from Chairman

Thank you for visiting HanmiGlobal

“We, all employees of HanmiGlobal, will do our best to give you
the confidence and belief that you will always
succeed with HanmiGlobal.”

“We, all employees of HanmiGlobal, will do our best to give you the confidence and belief that you will always succeed with HanmiGlobal.”

HanmiGlobal's pride and passion remain strong in the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which was praised all over the world in 2002, as well as ‘Dogok-dong Tower Palace’, ‘Samsung-dong I-park’, and ‘Uljiro SK T-Tower’. HanmiGlobal's technical expertise and decades of experience are well reflected on public facilities such as ‘Pyeongchang Alpensia Resort ',' Sangamdong Nuri Dream Square ', ' Gwacheon National Science Museum’ and large-scale complex buildings such as ‘Yeouido International Financial Center (IFC)’, PARC 1, and Lotte World Tower.

HanmiGlobal will progress further to being a global PM company

In order to realize the vision of being a global PM company, HanmiGlobal will consider customer value creation as top priority while striving for outstanding results. HanmiGlobal will also further enhance technical competencies to solve the world’s complex challenges, and also cultivate the core capabilities as a ‘Total Solution Provider’.

In addition, we will not only ensure compliance with principles of ethical management and transparency, but also faithfully fulfill our corporate responsibility in society by more actively participating in social contribution activities that have been carried out since our establishment in 1996.

All the dedications and commitments that our employees have achieved are the basis for yielding outstanding outcomes and customer success. In order to give you the confidence and belief that you will succeed with HanmiGlobal, all employees of HanmiGlobal will do their best through operational excellence and outstanding performance. We appreciate your warm encouragement and ongoing support in the future of HanmiGlobal. Thank you.


PRECON : Approaching perfection from the beginning

Precon is a preliminary activity that allows a construction project to proceed as planned
by pre-validating all matters related to cost, schedule and quality before construction phase.
Proper precon activity is extremely effective in cost-saving effects, and it is a barometer of success.
If you change the perception of the domestic construction industry on this,
it would be possible to establish a virtuous cyle of business in the construction industry.

Jong-hoon Kim
Publication date
June 1, 2020

We work in heaven

A place where employees
can hardly wait to go to work

I have dreamed of a utopian workplace where sustainable management mechanism is
created from the employees – internal customers – and their outstanding performance
through customer satisfaction. The customer value created from employees
automatically results in maximized shareholder value, thereby creating a virtuous cycle.
The most important consideration for creating this virtuous cycle lies in employee satisfaction.

Jong-hoon Kim
Publication date